Last night two friends and I went to see the 3D version of “The Secret Lives of Pets”. It was a fun movie that was made better based on the fact that we were watching it in 3D. For some reason, it seems that movie makers do a better job with 3D when it comes to animation as opposed to real-life scenes. Probably because in animation, they are much more in control of what goes on.

The “snake bite” scene and the feral cat scene were especially good in 3D. The snake popped out of the screen exactly as you would expect in 3D and heads of cats peeked up at the bottom corners of the screen as if you were sitting right amongst them as they pestered the main characters. Something I found very creative and thoughtful. Three-D enhanced the flying scenes and the falling scenes which were peppered throughout the entire movie. My advice? If you can see it in 3D, do it!

The story itself was okay. It highlighted the plights of pets at the hands of humans; mostly dog catchers and people who toss their pets away because they get too big or just simply tire of them. The movie was premised on the fact that most people who have pets have to go to work and leave their pets alone during the day. Without this fact, there would have been no “secret life”. The most humorous parts did NOT occur in the trailer and I found myself chuckling or laughing throughout the film.

I would recommend this movie especially if your children love animals like I do!