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Dad, Mom and Me

Dad, Mom and Me

All my life I have heard stories from my Dad.  This blog will share these stories with whoever would like to read them.  I am my father’s only daughter and youngest child.  I am not a writer and will never claim to be but I will do my best to use my high school and college education classes entitled “writing” and make dad’s stories come to life.  I’ve changed the names of those involved in the stories and I will have to fill in holes in the memories that my dad has revealed. Therefore, let’s say these are based on true stories.


Dad and me in Zaporizhia, Ukraine (West of Gnadenfeld/Bohdanivak).

I teach mathematics for a living at a small college in Arizona and my hobbies, to name two, are travel and my pets.  However, this blog is about dad’s stories and not me so off i go!

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