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Soviet Poster

Russian collective farmers propaganda poster.

It frustrated Isaak that there was no rhyme or reason to who was considered an enemy of the State and who was not.  No one could determine what was needed to keep themselves out of the hands of the interrogators.  Constant threats and propaganda resulted in a society of people who did not trust each other.  The nightly searches, slander and extortions, the fight for survival, created a mentality where he did not know what was deemed right or wrong.  The ambition to stand up for justice was nearly lost.  This was how the Soviets robbed all of them of their humanity and spirituality.  Isaak quickly learned to keep his mouth shut and go about his business.  He found himself disconnected, where life was only about working hard from day to day.  He never spoke of God to his wife and children, of any dissatisfaction with the State or of anything personal he was feeling about any issue.  It was far too dangerous, and he was responsible for his wife and children who he truly loved.  Isaak knew Alena feared the NKVD.  She wondered when the day would come when Isaak would not come home since he was one of the few remaining able-bodied men.  His work kept him moving around a lot, and it seemed to be the reason he had not been arrested.  Deep down, however, Isaak knew time was running out.

Isaak stepped up to the door of his home and kicked the mud and dirt off of his shoes before entering.  Alana would be relieved to see that he had made it home safely, and he looked forward being with her and his children, even if for only one more night.